How we put our iglidur materials through their paces

In this week’s video we go sightseeing around the world’s largest test lab for triboplastics at the igus headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

With over 700 test stations, it is easy to see how the R&D team at igus can complete more than 10,000 tests per year. You name it, igus tests and measures it over long periods of time; from friction values, wear rates, drive forces and abrasion resistance to external factors such as environmental contamination, weathering, cold and impact.

The result of all this testing is a wealth of data that drives our online lifetime calculator, which gives designers the most accurate information about the predicted lifetime and performance of the product they require in a given application and environment. If, however, there is a specific problem a design engineer is facing, on which there is no previous data, the igus lab will gladly set up the appropriate test and find out.