LOCTITE products foster success at companies partnering in new campaign

Signs, golf clubs, baby strollers and high-tech vehicles – these are just some of the wide and varied products manufactured using Henkel’s LOCTITE adhesives.

The companies’ manufacturing these products are collaborating in the ‘LOCTITE – Success Secured’ campaign, and include: Joker FX, a designer and manufacturer of visual communication displays; PING, one of the world’s top names in golf equipment; 4moms, a company that produces baby strollers, seats and other baby-related products; and Local Motors, which has manufactured a 3D printed car called Strati that comprises just 49 parts.

The common thread through their experiences and successes is the use of LOCTITE products. Each of these manufacturers uses LOCTITE adhesives instead of traditional fastening methods like welding or screws. For instance, threadlockers are used on nuts and bolts, instead of mechanical locking methods such as washers, so that products remain secure during operation.

“LOCTITE adhesives fit with the mentality we are pursuing because they allow us to be dynamic, flexible and rapid with our designs,” says Alex Fiechter, Local Motors’ senior engineer. LOCTITE threadlockers make sure that the fasteners in Local Motors’ vehicles stand up to the demanding conditions in which they are expected to perform.

4moms makes baby strollers, rocker seats and other equipment that needs to meet the highest safety standards: those of new parents. “We use LOCTITE adhesives to hold our products together from the inside, so you get that beautiful look on the outside,” says 4moms co-founder Henry Thorne.

At Joker FX, LOCTITE structural adhesives are deployed as reliable, durable solutions for bonding together the company’s aluminium structures. Joker FX also uses LOCTITE instant adhesives for bonding dimensional letters on structural displays, while LOCTITE 4090 hybrid adhesive has opened the door for other applications and solutions. “It’s pretty safe to say that LOCTITE has enabled us to become the company that we are today,” states Pierre Knobbs, Joker FX president.

PING uses LOCTITE adhesives to make sure the company’s clubs do not fail on the course. To attach club heads to shafts, PING uses a two-component LOCTITE epoxy that is easily stored, cures at room temperature and can withstand severe environments. This helps give PING and golfers the confidence required from a quality golf club. “Our products are seen on a very big stage,” says John Solheim, PING executive vice president. “With the LOCTITE adhesive we’ve been using for over 30 years, we feel like we’re part of a winning team.”

To help companies innovate, technicians in the LOCTITE products testing lab can determine how engineered adhesives work with specific products and provide direction for manufacturers looking to perform their own tests.