Low-profile drylin N linear guide

When carriage height is at a premium, consider using the drylin N low-profile, linear guide system for an overall installation height of 6 to 12mm. As with all drylin products, the maintenance-free, self-lubricating carriage runs in anodised aluminium rails.The iglidur J and J200 bearing elements offer low wear, a low coefficient of friction, smooth and quiet running, and resistance to corrosion.

The light weight rails are available in four widths (17 to 80mm), and can be specified with silver or black anodising.The zinc chromate or plastic carriages are available with a range of options, including pretension and mounting-hole configurations.The system can accept loads of up to 50kg, and has a maximum speed of 15m/s.

The unique design makes drylin N a cost-efficient and flexible guide system for a large number of diverse applications.