Moving plastics for train interiors

There are few places inside a train where you’ll not be within close proximity of an igus product. Whether it’s an e-chain to gently guide chainflex cables safely above a sliding door, driven by a dryspin leadscrew unit, or iglidur plain bearings to adjust the seat into a comfortable position - they tend to go unnoticed, as they are silent running and, because they are self-lubricating, require no maintenance.

In the rail industry, long-lasting, rugged and reliable bearing products and cable management systems are needed for applications with high duty cycles under fluctuating environmental conditions. This week’s video highlights typical examples of where igus motion plastics can be found inside today’s modern trains.

Recently, igus introduced a new variant of its iglidur tribopolymer material, RW370, which complies with EU fire protection standard EN 45545 for railway vehicles. Resistant to harsh media and extremely durable, the new material is well-suited to a wide range of bearing applications for train interiors, including door guides and hinges, as well as in rotating joints and adjusting mechanisms for seats and tables.