robolink 4- & 5-degrees of freedom kits

In this week’s video, we return to robolink, the low-cost and easy-to-assemble modular robotics system from igus. Offered in predefined robotic kits, robolink articulated arms are now available ready-to-build, lowering cost and eliminating barriers in getting robotic applications up and running.

Available with four and five-axis movement, or degrees of freedom (DOF), these kits consist of robolink D joints, connecting elements, motors, cables and tools. Self-lubricating and maintenance-free, the lightweight, dry-running robolink D joints feature tribopolymer PRT slewing ring bearings and gear wheels. The connecting elements are made from folded sheet metal and end tools include grippers, paddles and magnets. drylin E stepper motors power the robot arms via chainflex cables and energy chains.

These predefined robolink kits make it even easier to rapidly develop and deploy robotic applications. However, robolink components are also all modular, open and can be ordered separately, enabling engineers to quickly configure and specify robotic systems to meet their application requirements. Flexible and inexpensive, robolink combines powerful functionality with ease-of-use.