Enabling Capacity Growth in Manufacturing

That many organisations still have limited visibility of indirect material usage, often due to untracked storage locations or areas of the business with limited control over use. Without an audit trail, products can be lost, forgotten and wasted. Systems that rely on manual inputs are at high risk of human error and cannot feasibly be updated in real-time. This makes it harder to track each individual item and can result in false stock readings.

How VMI solutions can…
* ease the pain of managing multiple supply sources;
* can ease the burden of securing material availability at a time when supply chains are
more strained than ever before;
* can eliminate significant distractions to other supply chain management and operational priorities which require more in depth focus and attention to deliver results to the operational and financial performance of a manufacturing business.


1. How a VMI solution can simplify their supply chain
2. How a VMI solution can facilitate capacity growth
3. How a VMI solution can streamline business processes
4. How a VMI solution can release working capital
5. How a VMI solution can enhance profitability


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