Reducing your Quality Inspection Time by up to 98% - Keyence


Ailsa Morrison
Applications Engineer, Keyence UK

How can you make your quality inspection process as efficient as possible?

Due to the demanding nature of the manufacturing industry, engineers are tasked with inspecting a wide range of complex parts to extremely tight tolerances. That can include anything from tiny bearings, shafts, and brake components, all the way up to large outer casings for aircrafts.

Keyence’s metrology specialist Ailsa Morrison will show you how the IM-7500 Image Dimension Measurement System can eliminate downtime, operator error and add value to your manufacturing process through live-action demonstrations on real life samples.

5 key points delegates will learn during webinar:
1. Streamline your measurement process by combining all of your measurement tools (CMMs, shadowgraphs, thread gauges) into one practical solution.

2. Measure a high volume of parts consistently without human error or the need for specialist training.

3. Gain highly accurate measurements, even on larger parts, in seconds.

4. Quickly see your measurements in an SPC data report including histograms and trend graphs.

5. Overcome challenging applications with unusual materials and complex geometry using a metrology device that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional vision system.