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Webinar: The Magic of the Ironless DC motor winding

Mon, Mar 28, 2022 · 11:00 AM London (GMT 1:00)

The world is knee-deep in brushed DC motors. They are in everything from opening a car window to a cordless drill.

DC motors are available with and without an iron core. So, what is the difference between a low-cost iron core DC motor and an ironless DC motor? Why would anyone design a DC motor with an iron core?

What can ironless do that iron core can't?

What are the benefits?

What applications need the ironless DC motor?

Matthew Dean, the Medical Sales Engineer at maxon, discusses the advantages of the ironless DC motor.

Viewers will learn:
1. The origins of the ironless winding
2. The physics
3. Performance benefits
4. Typical applications
5. Prosthetic case study