Webinar: Small Mechanisms Make A Big Impact In Application Design

1 min read

The presentation will illustrate how small hinge mechanisms not only contribute to the performance, ergonomics and security of larger applications, but also have the power to make a big impact on the end-user experience.


Whether it is effortlessly operating the seatback and tray table on an airline flight, or just slightly adjusting the card reader terminal at a convenience store checkout to enter a PIN, small access hardware mechanisms play a vital role in how the commonplace tools and devices we interact with every day operate in a smooth but functional manner.

Drawing examples from several case studies, the presentation will demonstrate how hinge solutions engineer user experience, enhance convenience, safety and efficiency and provide for a repeatable user experience.

Delegates will learn how to:
• Hold doors open or closed and move panels securely into position without secondary supports or additional components
• Create an intuitive, zero-drift motion so that, when a door or cover is opened, it holds a user-defined or predefined position securely, with one motion
• Eliminate additional components (such as gas struts) or routine maintenance (tightening screws to maintain hinge resistance), thereby lowering overall costs
• Provide a smoother, more substantial feel to opening and closing action, or to eliminate vibration