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Is the LHC a waste of money?

CERN has been investing billions of euros/pounds in the Large Hadron Collider – the UK contributed 186 million Swiss Francs in 2008, second only to Germany. Unfortunately this mega investment project failed in less than a month's time, and is now consuming yet more cash. What do British tax payers get out of it?

Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

I am sorry this is late – it's symptomatic of the pace of the project. It's growing very fast now and every waking minute has to be spent in trying to drive us forward and sorting all those difficulties which come with rapid growth.

Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

Now the true character of BLOODHOUND is becoming clear – we had a highly successful launch in October at the Science Museum and generated over £3m AVE of publicity, and 20 TV documentary offers while 9,000 people made it to our 5 day exhibition.

Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

As we approach the all important BLOODHOUND project launch, this is a great opportunity to look back at what has been achieved during the research period and what remains to be completed.