The opinions of Tim Fryer.

Collaboration is key

There appears to be a lack of trust in certain circles. Having spent the few days of the new year looking into renewable energy, or at least the wave aspect of it, there doesn't seem to be much co-ordination into activities.

One giant step for mankind....

It was nice to have a few days when the top news story in the national press was genuinely interesting. Space probe Rosetta's prompt arrival in August at comet G67, followed by months of inspection from its orbit, culminated in the landing of the Philae lander in mid November. A hop and a skip on landing meant that its resting place was not on the convenient flat spot intended – and will have consequences in terms of the information it transmits back – but it didn't seem to take the gloss off an incredible human achievement.

Women - we don't engineer with them, can't engineer without them!

It is no surprise that Naomi Climer will use her year as President of the IET, which will commence in the autumn of 2015 to highlight diversity issues. She will, after all, be the first woman to have held the post in its 143 year history. As a country we produce around half the number of engineering graduates that it is predicted we need - and enticing the female half of the population to embrace engineering is an obvious step to take in solving the problem. But she stressed that although this is important, it is not the only thing on her agenda.

These are exciting times

As David Moyes found out at Manchester United, taking your place in a winning team can have its pitfalls - I am therefore taking nothing for granted as I join Eureka as its Editor. And beyond the obvious 'challenge' and 'great opportunity', which don't become any less true despite their clichéd status, this is a very positive time to be joining the team. For many reasons, these are exciting times.

Is the heat on design engineers?

I was having a conversation with a company about thermal simulation that highlighted the changing role of the engineer.