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Avoiding product development pitfalls

Jeremy Carey, senior consultant and Alan Hart, head of business development at 42 Technology highlight the common traps that design engineers and entrepreneurs face when developing products.

Decoding with Diamond

The UK’s national synchrotron science facility, Diamond Light Source, in Oxfordshire is being used to ‘virtually unwrap’ a set of 2000-year-old scrolls that were buried and damaged by the eruption of ...

Star quality

With an array of top awards to show for what is still a relatively short career in engineering, Orla Murphy of Jaguar Land Rover shows no sign of losing any of her passion for the profession.

Égalité, fraternité, liberté, mobilité

In its centenary year, Citroën is looking to the next 100 years by unveiling two radical concept car designs. Tom Austin-Morgan met Citroën’s design director Pierre Leclercq at Goodwood Festival of ...

Designing for the ageing population

The UK’s population is at its largest ever and is predicted to continue growing. With people living longer, what is being done to prepare for the day-to-day challenges this will pose?

Sharing the secret sauce

NI sees itself as perfectly positioned in the world of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for electric and autonomous vehicles. Doug Farrell sat down with Tom Austin-Morgan at NIWeek in Austin, ...

Skills to pay the bills

The revolution in UK vocational education brought about by the Sainsbury Review has meant the establishment of panels to shape so-called ‘T-Levels’. Eureka! talks to the man appointed to lead the ...

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