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Farming's robotic future

Automation and robotics are increasingly becoming the go-to solutions for many industries and farming is no exception, as some recently-demonstrated UK technologies make clear.

Augmented Reality flexes its muscles

?Industry 4.0 was always going to be a slow burn rather than a technological wave that swept through manufacturing, digitising everything in its path. Evolution, not revolution, as they say. In light ...

Additive manufacturing in miniature

?Precision digital manufacturing means the ability to create highly-accurate parts at extreme levels of miniaturisation. This has been enabled by an innovation achieved by Israeli company Nanofabrica.

BEEAs Winners: Mohammed Tahir

?An outstanding electronic design engineer with a short, but stellar track record is the Young Design Engineer of the Year.


The use of composites to achieve a technological first in high-flux thermal management has triumphed in this category.

BEEAs Winners: Charge Pod

The winner of the Electronic Product of The Year is Charge Pod, ‘jerrycan’ solution for electric vehicles.

AI: a manufacturing revolution

The Artificial Intelligence revolution is set to shape the manufacturing landscape forever. But what will this look like?

Festo gives Stanley the edge

Festo automation technology is being used to help Stanley Tools in the UK to meet continued demand for its renowned safety knives, while continuing to maintain the highest standards of safety and ...

H2 Go! The hydrogen revolution

Long the poor relation when it came to the search for alternative fuels, the case for hydrogen is gaining momentum.

IE5 and beyond

Energy efficiency is the holy grail of the motor market and manufacturers are producing ranges of IE5+ compliant models to achieve it.

Designing out distancing

A new design for a cost-effective, lightweight PPE helmet could help reduce the need for social distancing.

Rise of the cobots

The emergence of collaborative robotics has revolutionised the robotics market, increasing the presence of robots on the shopfloor – and the technology is developing fast.

High-speed medical motors

Advanced medical applications make very specific demands of high-speed motors. Dr. Sab Safi of SDT Drive Technology looks at the challenges.

Graphene goes nuclear

A UK-based company’s development of a graphene sensor has led directly to a working partnership with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.