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Electronics hold the key to security

Computers offer unparalleled ability to access data. This is convenient to users, it also offers new opportunities to industrial competitors and thieves.

Engine takes alignment to the sixth degree

The tolerances demanded by the modern engine requires a manufacturing procedure where the two parts of the engine have to be aligned and bolted within microns of each other.

Miniature girders take the load

Mini and micro 3D girders offer advantages over honeycomb sandwich and may form the basis of future self deforming ‘smart’ materials.

Polymer gears need to take the heat

The increasing need for plastic gears means that new ideas must be applied to their design: sources of help for frustrated designers

From Trident to the Track

A face to face interview with Steve Nevey, CAE Manager at Jaguar Racing, on his quest for the paperless CAD office

Going round the bend

A technology that will enable pneumatic transfer systems to be used in a much wider variety of tasks

Cylinders go 'see through'

A full-pressure proximity sensor that reads piston position through a steel cylinder body will allow better control at higher pressures.

All systems go

The move towards component suppliers delivering a 'total fluid power solution' is leading to change in the industry.

EMC analysis turns up the heat

The marriage of two firms devoted to different types of electronic design analysis has major repercussions for users.

Driving forwards

The Drives & Controls Conference will introduce new technologies and design techniques

Nano technology twists and turns

A new magnetic material has the possibility to revolutionise a massive variety of products thanks to nano scale manipulation within a polymer

Fighting fire with fire

Fire detection and extinguishing system that evolved from solid rocket fuel technology

No more gnashing and grinding of teeth

The most accurately machined teeth made from exotic alloys and materials are nothing if not properly lubricated. A fundamental guide to lubrication

Designs on the future

A professor of engineering design describes how his subject has changed over the last 35 years