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Are you too clever for your own good?

The trouble with being the smartest person in the room is the difficulty in getting people to see things from your point of view. Emma Humphrey, MD of creative agency Genius, explains why strong ...

Emerging technologies take pole

Motorsport has long been at the bleeding edge of innovation and Brent Pittman, director of engineering, automotive and concept design at Autodesk suggests that remains the case.

Keep on rolling

The term ‘Smart Products’ has become part of everyday vocabulary as we acquire ever-increasing numbers of devices that communicate with each other and allow us to control them or access information ...

HR is crucial to efficiency drive

Leading manufacturers understand the importance of lean production – yet many have not fully realised the potential of HR teams to deliver better ROI.

Making the difference

From lightweighting and strengthening a VW bus to putting a paraplegic mountain biking champion back in the saddle, generative design is seeing significant real-world applications.

Collaboration is the key

Competitive advantage has always been the driver of business. However, BuroHappold Engineering’s global design & technology director, Neil Billett, says proprietary software is actually harming ...

Critical mass

The holy grail of 3D printing is for it to become a viable mass-production technology. Could a new technological leap make that possible?