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A vision of useful, timely feedback

Dean Palmer talks to the director of the UK Industrial Vision Association about how companies are using vision systems and where he thinks future vision technology is going

A vision of the future

A UK company has developed an intelligent vision system that detects structural surface and colour defects to whatever level the user requires. Dean Palmer reports

Bringing home rapid manufacturing

Present day factories and product distribution could soon become totally obsolete if rapid methods develop as some are forecasting. Tom Shelley reports

Camera shake eliminated in motion

Tom Shelley reports on an innovation likely to be of equal benefit in security systems and telerobotics and which could ultimately make home videos watchable

Rapid investment in complex designs

A UK company is using its rapid prototyping expertise to design masking components for a highly complex coating system for aircraft turbine blades. Dean Palmer reports

Prototyping enables more complex designs

A British company has taken rapid prototyping to the next level by developing an advanced manufacturing technology that is already cutting costs and lead times for OEM customers. Dean Palmer reports

Low cost CAD designed for PLM

Tom Shelley reports on a development aimed at easing the path of collaborative design and PLM without incurring undue expense

Exchanging the way we communicate

Dean Palmer takes a look at how automotive manufacturer Renault has developed its own universal method of exchanging 3D data

Intelligent agents take control

Tom Shelley reports on a radical approach to manufacturing and management where each order, part and component is responsibly intelligent.

Apple of your eye

By integrating precision electric linear drives with state of the art vision systems, fruit suppliers can cut costs and save production time using intelligent robots. Dean Palmer reports

Photogrammetry gets real for control

Taking pictures from different directions and turning them into 3D models can now be undertaken quickly enough to assist control on the production line. Tom Shelley reports

Lifecycles in two dimensions

The world’s largest CAD vendor remains as committed to draughting as it is to product lifecycle management (PLM). Tom Shelley reports

2D users could be missing out?

Tom Shelley reports on some of the latest developments in and around 3D CAD software and why engineers using 2D should pay attention

Super sonic vision steals the scene

A vision system capable of seeing through murky water and in places inaccessible to conventional technologies warrants further investigation. Tom Shelley reports

Packed shapes key multiple designs

New software speeds design tasks as varied as modelling the flow of real particles or counting the number of beans to be packed in a jar. Tom Shelley reports

Drain pipes ease out crinkled hose

Just as rapid prototyping can be used to manufacture things difficult or impossible to produce by conventional techniques, there are products, easy to make by established processes, which are hard to ...