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U clamps the key to rapid scaffolding

Ingenious screw-up ‘U’ element clamps, are key to the success of the Lobo Systems method of quickly erecting scaffolding, platforms and temporary structures

Gripping solutions

A hand clamp is able to grip hard with a 500N holding force, because it combines both screw and wedge actions

Locking up future access

Tom Shelley reports on some novel latches that are bringing about a revolution in access control

A clip for all purposes

Tom Shelley reports on an ingenious device for quickly connecting objects with tubular metal parts allowing an equally quick disconnect

Get involved early in design

By getting involved much earlier at the R&D stage, a fastener supplier has helped a manufacturer of car pistons and filters cut costs and improve quality

Ball latch is tool adjustable

Tom Shelley reports on a simple latch designed for home furniture whose fundamental principles could be applied anywhere.

Simple approach gets a grip on many problems

Tom Shelley reports on an idea which started with cold joining metals, advanced into improving tool holding and now looks to take off into skin care and household cleaning