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Reusable stud achieves maximal hold

Tom Shelley reports on a fastener which offers benefits in an unusually wide range of potential applications, include joining to composites and wood

Blind insert doubles grip for plastics

The need for fewer fasteners, plus speed and flexibility of installation is forcing design engineers to search for improved fastener solutions, particularly inserts for soft metals, plastics and ...

Composites joined to avoid fatigue

In order to repair aluminium or composite structures in areas subject to high fatigue, it is often desirable to use fasteners that expand uniformly within the hole, putting it into compression.

Split fastener carries triple load

There is a move in manufacturing towards using aluminium section kit systems to construct big gantry handling systems and large rigs for aerospace construction applications.

Floating boss eases assembly

Problem: When bolting a large component to an assembly, it is very unlikely that all the bolt holes are going to be in exactly the right alignment.

The first linear fastener?

Design engineers who are looking for linear fixings for use in materials with a short pot life (such as gypsum) or with accelerated adhesives where separated fasteners cannot be located quickly ...

A fastener to ensure cleanliness

A German lady silversmith was concerned to maintain maximum cleanliness in her toilet. While a toilet bowl is easily accessible to bleach, the area around the seat hinge normally remains a difficult ...

Plastic fixing cuts costs and time

Dean Palmer reports on a novel all-plastic fixing system for aligning concrete tunnel segments that has huge potential in other industrial applications

Rivet nut gives water-proof fastening

In manufacturing and assembly operations, selecting the right fastener can make the difference between achieving the right throughput at the right cost

Shock damping solves wheel restraint issues

To date, most wheel restraint systems have been relatively unsuccessful in keeping the wheels attached to the car in accidents. Dean Palmer talks to a private inventor that thinks he has solved the ...

Blind fasteners secure world record

Blind fasteners from Textron Fastening Systems have recently featured in a successful world record breaking attempt to create the largest ever cardboard box sculpture.

Secure holds have sure release

Fire doors need to shut when needed and smoke vents need to open when needed, however electromagnets can be easily damaged in vandal-prone locations

Plastic ladder unrolls to safety

Fire escapes are best described as big, ugly iron things, with the added disadvantage that they are also relatively expensive

Locking all sections

Joining framework sections to other sections can be a bit of a lottery when one considers how many different profiles and materials these sections can be made of

Clip makes all the right connections

Plastic clips, especially those destined for the low cost end of the market shoulder bags and rucsacks, have a distinctly limited working life

Hammered wedges secure en bloc

Bolts and rivets secured to steel, and plastic plugs ensure firm fastening in bricks and concrete. However, building blocks made of more compressible materials, such as breeze and ceramic foams, ...