Fastening & Joining

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Quick access fasteners turn heads

Three years ago, inventor of the quarter turn quick access fastener, Dzus Fasteners, developed the D8. The fastener incorporates an advanced and unique manufacturing technology using a rolled cam ...

Snap fit and vibration-free for BMW

Justin Cunningham reports on how demountable, vibration-free fasteners ensure that the mirrors on BMW motorcycles give drivers the steadiest view ever.

Fast fastening

Tom Shelley reports on fastening and joining components for motorsport and other demanding applications.

The sticking point

Eureka's Joining & Fastening Round Table event concluded that much greater knowledge and consideration of joining techniques is needed.

Defying gravity

Tom Shelley reports on how research into replicating the means whereby insects adhere to surfaces is progressing.

PU stops leaks and stays stuck

Tom Shelley reports on some of the benefits to be obtained by using polyurethane based seals, sealants, gaskets and adhesives.

Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.

Welding techniques boost aerospace

British-developed technologies allow the fabrication of more advanced rocket fuel tanks and nozzles as well as ground based products.

A design for end of life

Ever-increasing regulation and new thinking about end of life are putting pressures on design. Tom Shelley reports on the different approaches to these problems.

Process modelling improves aero engine design

Rolls-Royce uses modelling of aero engine disc manufacturing processes to enhance the understanding of process, material and component design interactions. Justin Cunningham reports.

Large fasteners tightened for wind

Bolting large pieces of cylindrical equipment together can be a problematic task as any misalignment in the joint or variation in bolt torque can lead to premature failure.

Getting The Right Fit

There is more to the common fastener than meets the eye, Justin Cunningham talks to the experts and hears about the latest innovations…

Getting stuck in

Justin Cunningham talks to the adhesives companies that use customers as the catalyst for innovation

Bevel gear latch offers 12mm compression

A compression latch uses a bevel gear for actuation so as to achieve more compression at low torque while ensuring strength and durability. A roller at the end of the cam minimises scrape damage to ...

Web of intrigue

An adhesive solution for handling fine pharmaceutical powders could also make an impact in the food and cosmetic industries, reports Tom Shelley