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Highlights from FAST Live

FAST Live is the only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and buyers and has become the best place to see and discuss ...

The fixing solution winning favour across industries

The use of reinforced lightweight materials, such as honeycomb sandwich panels, are increasingly important elements of modern engineering design, a trend that is rapidly pushing the exotic materials ...

The sky’s the limit

Even relatively simple products can be engineered better by using elegant design solutions. Such was the case when Sunsquare looked to improve performance and processes by use of alternative ...

Sticking to multi-material assembly

As multi-material designs get increasingly passed over the preverbal wall for manufacture, the demand on adhesives with multiple curing mechanisms has increased. Here, Eureka reports on industry’s ...

Instant fix with hidden costs

For a range of structural assembly applications, traditional fastening methods such as rivets, screws, welds and double-sided tapes offer manufacturers one major benefit: instant fixture. Liquid ...

Adhesives offer binding solutions

It is probably fair to say that the perception of the adhesives market is that not very much tends to change very often. And while it is probably true that change tends more towards the incremental ...

The sticking point

Eureka's Joining & Fastening Round Table event concluded that much greater knowledge and consideration of joining techniques is needed.

Defying gravity

Tom Shelley reports on how research into replicating the means whereby insects adhere to surfaces is progressing.

PU stops leaks and stays stuck

Tom Shelley reports on some of the benefits to be obtained by using polyurethane based seals, sealants, gaskets and adhesives.

Getting stuck in

Justin Cunningham talks to the adhesives companies that use customers as the catalyst for innovation

Web of intrigue

An adhesive solution for handling fine pharmaceutical powders could also make an impact in the food and cosmetic industries, reports Tom Shelley

Joined together

Delegates at the Joining Technologies Design Day learnt about lots of new techniques in joining – and the best way to pull their fingers apart after a superglue accident. Lou Reade reports