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Highlights from FAST Live

FAST Live is the only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and buyers and has become the best place to see and discuss ...

An ideal weld

As the oil and gas sector moves to deeper waters and the tolerance of welds get ever tighter, alleviating problems during installation and operation is more important than ever. Justin Cunningham ...

Welding lighter materials

Welding is as old as manufacturing itself and had become the method of choice for joining metallic components until the environmental lobby required the increased use of lighter materials. Paul Gay ...

Pipe welding problems solved?

Global expenditure on pipeline construction and servicing is expected to reach $216billion over the next five years, with over 270,000km of extra pipeline expected to be installed. However, one of ...

Adhesive bonded studs Vs. traditional welded studs

Sheet metal is one of the fundamental material forms used in metalworking. It can be easily cut and bent into various shapes with countless everyday objects relying on the process for manufacture.

The sticking point

Eureka's Joining & Fastening Round Table event concluded that much greater knowledge and consideration of joining techniques is needed.

Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.

Welding techniques boost aerospace

British-developed technologies allow the fabrication of more advanced rocket fuel tanks and nozzles as well as ground based products.

Process modelling improves aero engine design

Rolls-Royce uses modelling of aero engine disc manufacturing processes to enhance the understanding of process, material and component design interactions. Justin Cunningham reports.

Joined together

Delegates at the Joining Technologies Design Day learnt about lots of new techniques in joining – and the best way to pull their fingers apart after a superglue accident. Lou Reade reports

Explosive thinking

Aluminium can be welded to steel for ships and offshore structures by incorporating explosively bonded transition joints

Joining in

Advances in bonding, welding, joining and fastening will be explained in greater depth at Eureka’s ‘Joining Technologies’ Design Day next month

Time for a little bonding

Two techniques developed at Fraunhofer Institutes could lead to stronger glasses that are made more quickly and cheaply. Lou Reade reports

Join together

Tom Shelley reports on a technique similar to adhesive bonding that will join dissimilar materials to one another

Forward with fastening

Tom Shelley reports from market leaders on the rosy future for fastening and joining