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Fasteners and fixings: A specifier’s guide

Fasteners and fixings are very often either a last-minute consideration or left to the contractor’s discretion. However, when fasteners are correctly specified from the outset, there are huge ...

Highlights from FAST Live

FAST Live is the only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and buyers and has become the best place to see and discuss ...

The fixing solution winning favour across industries

The use of reinforced lightweight materials, such as honeycomb sandwich panels, are increasingly important elements of modern engineering design, a trend that is rapidly pushing the exotic materials ...

First of the Mohicans

A novel design could revolutionise the torque coupling world dominated by universal joints and gear couplings. Tim Fryer found out more.

Latest twist on composite connections

Back in 2012 Eureka covered in an interesting development in fastening technology called Rotite. Getting new technology adopted, particularly when it is primarily aimed at the aerospace and ...

Colouring stainless steel

Applying innovation to a mature market is never easy. However, one Shropshire based fastener start up did just that, and the results have been a colourful success.

Joining solutions moving fast

Joining materials in safety critical applications should not be underestimated. A fastener that costs a tiny fraction of the total bill of materials could have catastrophic, and expensive ...

Fastener production forges into the future

As fasteners become more complex, meeting the demands of futuristic designs that save weight and materials, component strength and productivity have become key considerations. Specifying a fastener, ...

One fix for the whole mix

Having a single fastening technology to deal with every material from metals to composites sounds like joined up thinking!

View from the top: Growing gains

Fastening supplier TFC's growth over the last few years has been extensive. Here, Paul Fanning talks to the company's MD Morgan Burgoyne about the philosophy that underpins it.

Fixing the composite question

Strong as many engineering composites are, they can be easily damaged by a fastener that would give excellent service when joining metals. A second limitation on the use of metal fasteners with ...