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AR builds a better reality

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology, but the role it has played in meeting the UK’s Ventilator Challenge has proved its value.

Software to shorten development times

At NIWeek 2018 in Austin, National Instruments (NI) announced a suite of products for designing for the ‘megatrends’ of highly-connected and intelligent systems in shorter times and by smaller ...

Embracing digital telepathy

The digital twin creates a fully symbiotic relationship between the virtual and the physical across the product’s whole life cycle to bring hidden benefits that engineers never thought existed.

An object lesson in building a BIM capability

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help users to plan, design, construct and manage building and infrastructure. According to the ...

Joining the dots

Advances in point cloud processing could have major and positive repercussions for design. Paul Fanning reports.

Mathcad in its Prime

Engineering calculation software plays an unglamorous, but vital role in design. Paul Fanning looks at a new version of Mathcad.

Better models need better data

Tom Shelley explains how advances in physical understanding are making the modelling of mainstream products much more realistic

The answer is blowing in the wind

Ultra advanced product lifecycle management software is allowing wind energy companies to reap the harvest of an industry set for global expansion.

Lightning goes electric

When an established gas-guzzling sports car goes electric, it involves more than simply putting a new engine under the bonnet. Lou Reade reports

3D CAD’s warm embrace

Tom Shelley reports on some dramatic business benefits achieved by 3D CAD users and new capabilities in the latest versions of software

New fizz behind Triz

Tom Shelley reports on two recent novel applications of the Triz method of problem solving

Driven by the customer

Did you know the average age of a sports car purchaser is 55? So why are so many models driving them away? Tom Shelley reports