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The new FAYb range of laser markers from Sunx offers a host of advantages over traditional YAG-based technology

Sunx is the brand name for the new range of laser marker products from Panasonic Electric Works. Recently launched in the UK, the Milton Keynes-based facilities are designed to offer customers a unique insight into the use of laser markers in all types of industry.
Sunx has over 15 years experience in laser marking in Japan, and was the first company to develop the ground breaking FAYb technology that is fast becoming the preferred alternative to the older YAG technology that is a solution offered by the primary Sunx competition.
FAYb (Fibre Amplified Ytterbium) is the name given to the Sunx fibre technology for laser markers. The technology offers many benefits over YAG technology at a highly competitive price.
All of the Sunx range of laser markers are air-cooled. Consumables such as expensive water coolant systems or solvents/inks are eliminated. Thus maintenance costs are reduced to virtually zero over the lifetime of the product – which can be in excess of 70,000 hours. However, what is of most interest to production engineers is the duration of actual marking time that a system can offer. FAYb technology from Sunx realises a strict marktime of 30,000 hours minimum. That implies about 3.5 years of non-stop 24 hour marking before any maintenance is required. This is a marktime extension of over 200% over a typical YAG laser.
For personnel charged with quality issues the main priority is for clear and permanent coding. This is not achieved easily or consistently using inkjet printers. FAYb laser markers eliminate the risks induced by harmful solvents that can contaminate the end product, especially important in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. A determined and experienced counterfeiter will eventually be able to remove any ‘permanent’ ink, regardless of the claims to the contrary by the manufacturer. The only real way to permanently code a product and ensure it is anti-counterfeit is to laser mark the material itself at the highest quality possible. Sunx laser markers can put 2D codes, bar codes, GS1/RSS codes, ID, lot/batch and date codes as well as logos on all sorts of materials such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and many more.
Another benefit of FAYb technology over YAG is the actual quality of the mark that can be achieved. The beam quality of a laser is characterised by its M2 rating, with the ideal being M2 = 1.0. The Sunx FAYb LP-V10 laser marker has an M2 rating of 1.4 whereas a typical YAG laser has an M2 rating of 20.0. The latest advances from Sunx have produced the LP-W series with an M2 rating of 1.1 which is unrivalled by other industrial use laser markers for beam quality.
For high speed applications, such as in the bottling industry, Sunx laser markers can mark in excellent quality at speeds of up to 240 m/min without the need to stop-and-start the production line.
Sunx is the market leader in laser marking technology in Japan and has recently launched its product portfolio in the UK and Ireland via Panasonic Electric Works. After the recent European launch there are already a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, bottling and automotive industries where quality and expertise are a pre-requisite. With all the prestige associated with the Panasonic brand, Sunx plans to remain a pioneer in the technology of laser marking for many years.

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