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Metal manipulation

As aluminium becomes the lightweight material of choice for many, we look at one project that aims to secure supply, reduce production emissions and keep value in scrap. Justin Cunningham finds out ...

Sticking to multi-material assembly

As multi-material designs get increasingly passed over the preverbal wall for manufacture, the demand on adhesives with multiple curing mechanisms has increased. Here, Eureka reports on industry’s ...

The testing and analysis of wind turbine blades

We talk to an engineer whose day job it is to bend and even break goliath wind turbine blades, and find out what can be learnt as the materials are put through their paces. Justin Cunningham ...

Smart materials go under the spolight at Innovate UK

It can all sound a bit sci-fi when the topic of smart materials comes up. The classic is liquid-like morphing metallic structures that have been used, in films at least, to make up the spaceship hull ...

Ceramic-to-ceramic method bonds faster

An innovative and powerful ceramic-to-ceramic bonding technique has been developed specifically for use in demanding, high-pressure fluid handling and vacuum applications.

Material solutions for vehicle armour technology

How do you protect a vehicle from a massive roadside bomb? Or an individual from a high-velocity armour piercing round? Or allow a bomb disposal officer to be both safe and able to perform his role ...

Advanced materials benefit fastener manufacturers

There has been a trend in recent years of using unconventional materials on conventional parts and components. Whether it is to remove weight, offer superior performance, allow performance in ...

Coatings optimise bearing performance

The constant requirement to improve the performance and life expectancy of bearings means that this is an area in which innovation is frequent.

Lightweight panels prove flexible

The imperative to drive down vehicle weight (and thereby carbon emissions) has been a key goal, particularly within the transportation sector, for many years. The reasons for this are obvious enough, ...

The ceramic dynamic

Could plasma spraying technology offer the ability to manufacture high-strength, lightweight, pure ceramic components? Eureka reports.

Expanding properties

Plastic materials that can expand on contact with water are finding increasing applications in industry. Justin Cunningham reports.