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Splitting air opens up new opportunities

Tom Shelley reports on the raft of new opportunities for products and processes that stem from the ability to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air on a small scale

Metal fibres filter, reinforce and quieten

There are various occasions when it is useful to be able to turn metals into a fibrous form, whether to act as a high temperature fibre reinforcement, filtration medium or sound absorber.

A knead for greater strength

A simple technique is expected to have a revolutionary effect on making products from cements and concretes, and even affects food processing. Tom Shelley reports

The chain of events in a redesign

Designing from first principles has paid dividends to one company as it claims to have "created the first new chain design in over 100 years"

Materials get a spring in their step

Three major materials developments which could transform aspects of engineering design, all from research establishments in the former Soviet Union

Miniature girders take the load

Mini and micro 3D girders offer advantages over honeycomb sandwich and may form the basis of future self deforming ‘smart’ materials.

Nano technology twists and turns

A new magnetic material has the possibility to revolutionise a massive variety of products thanks to nano scale manipulation within a polymer