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BEEAs Winners: Mohammed Tahir

?An outstanding electronic design engineer with a short, but stellar track record is the Young Design Engineer of the Year.


The use of composites to achieve a technological first in high-flux thermal management has triumphed in this category.

BEEAs Winners: Charge Pod

The winner of the Electronic Product of The Year is Charge Pod, ‘jerrycan’ solution for electric vehicles.

Designing out distancing

A new design for a cost-effective, lightweight PPE helmet could help reduce the need for social distancing.

Re-imagining design and manufacturing

?Additive manufacturing (AM) has the power to revolutionise both the product development cycle and full end-to-end manufacturing process, resulting in optimised designs, vastly improved lead times ...

The future of Ford

Ford recently opened its design facility in Cologne to showcase some of its latest projects and innovations that include inventive storage solutions, human-centric and virtual design and even knitted ...

Redesigning the humble tattoo machine

Walking into Triplesix Studios in Sunderland isn’t like walking into the typical high street tattoo studio. Instead of a dingy, cramped space filled with examples of the tattooists’ work, it’s a ...