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Plastics get greener

Tom Shelley reports on some of the plastic innovations that were revealed at this year's 'K' show.

Steel advances

Tom Shelley reports on some of the dramatic advances now being made in very high strength steels that are low enough in cost to be used in mass market products

Hot coatings for composites

Tom Shelley reports on coatings that can protect composites against intense heat and provide other beneficial properties.

Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.

Sculpted surfaces produced by beams

Tom Shelley reports on progress with a process for producing metal surfaces with protuberances and pits that is now finding commercial application.

Design in the spotlight at PDM10

Taking place from the 18th to the 20th of May, the Plastics Design & Moulding conference and exhibition promises a range of attractions for visitors.

Life-saving plastics

Tom Shelley reports on developments in plastics for the medical device market

Stopping all danger

Tom Shelley reports on some of the materials and technologies involved in producing armour

DirectSkinning technology

DirectSkinning technology is a new production process designed to improve cost efficiency in the production of injection moulded parts. It has now been used for the first time with an aliphatic ...