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Built for battle - Robot Wars' revamped House Robots

The return of Robot Wars to our screens this summer had completely re-engineered house robots, which were needed to keep up with the competition. Justin Cunningham finds out how the technology has ...

Laid back approach to aerodynamic drive

Designing a sports car starts with making it look good. Or does it? Elemental started with aerodynamics and it resulted in a fundamental shift in the driving position. Tim Fryer reports

Right platform for every train

Successive Governments have seen the virtues of having a competent rail system and have invested accordingly. Such investments might not appear evident to the Leader of the Opposition, who failed to ...

Still king of the skies

It’s an icon of British engineering prowess and ingenuity, and still turns heads 80 years on. Justin Cunningham finds out why they really don’t make them like they used too.

Optimised starting position

Design optimisation has been adopted by the automotive industry in its quest to lightweight. But now, as Tim Fryer reports, the technology is finding wider appeal.

Digging the new breed

When you already have your place in history for a particular design, is it easier to evolve what you have rather than diversify and innovate? Tim Fryer went to visit JCB to see how it is keeping it ...

Science behind the gold rush

Great Britain had a phenomenally successful Olympic Games in 2012, winning 65 medals (29 golds). It was our most successful Games since London first hosted the event in 1908. But although the home ...

It IS rocket science

For an aerospace company, the complexities of propulsion systems had previously meant trial and error was the only way of producing reliable rockets. It has starting partnering with a software ...

Designed for a quiet life

Design engineers, quite rightly, care about the workstations that they work on. Apart from making sure that it is capable of running your software, there are other factors that can be looked at when ...

The simulation revelation

The complexities of modern engineering design are matched only by the complexities of simulation packages to assess them. Or are they? Could simulation for everyone bring about a fundamental change ...

Heart of the matter

To develop medical devices for better cardiac care, the best platform to work on is a beating heart. A project to simulate the heart is allowing just that.

True colours

Getting colour into a 3D printed part is not easy. Ground has been broken, claim Stratasys and Adobe, who have partnered to find a solution.

Something to smile about

There is no toilet humour in Madagascar’s sanitation problems. But, as Tim Fryer reports, a British design team have given the locals something to smile about.

Keeping EMC under control

The black art of managing electromagnetism is becoming of increasing importance as products take on more electronic systems. Justin Cunningham looks at the latest tool in understanding the phenomenon.

Engineered for isolation

According to the adage, engineers save more lives than doctors. In terms of sanitation alone this is probably historically true, but increasingly doctors and engineers are working together to come up ...

Software solves recruitment riddle

One notable area of common ground amongst engineers, their customers, suppliers and the education system is the CAD environment they all operate within. There are realistically only a handful of ...

Engineering thrills

There is no doubt about it, designing a rollercoaster is something we’d all like to have a go at. But be warned, this is a complex problem that needs the assistance of modern analytical tools to get ...

Design for Manufacture 2.0

While many get by with a little knowledge about the world of manufacture, it may lead to inefficiency. With reshoring set to rise, there is an opportunity for designers to do more. But there is a ...

Sports car in reverse

Majenta PLM has partnered with Physical Digital, a 3D scanning and reverse engineering company, to transform the design and manufacturing processes of DAX Sports Cars.

Consortium targets smarter coatings

A smarter approach to applying advanced thin-film coatings to high value engineering products is being developed by Teer Coatings, Cobham Technical Services and The Open University. The collaborative ...