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ECF 2011: Dassault Systèmes debuts new sketch tool

Taking place at Disneyland, Paris, Dassault Systèmes European Customer Conference served largely to emphasise a number of the themes that have been emerging from the company in recent times, although ...

Unlocking creativity

PTC has re-launched its CAD offerings under the banner of Creo 1.0. In addition, the company has also released its first batch of 'apps' to augment the core CAD software. Matt Bailey reports.

Modular design saves time

Advanced CAD is crucial to remaining competitive when making high reliability components. Tom Shelley reports.

Engineering tomorrow

Tom Shelley looks at developments in the last 30 years and makes some predictions about the next 30.

CAD shapes up for the future

Tom Shelley reports on up and coming developments in the CAD world, some of which can be trialled, and others expected to soon become available.

AutoCAD goes back to Mac

Autodesk's decision to launch for a Mac platform opens up a number of possibilities, as Paul Fanning discovers.

Design challenges in the automotive sector

Richard Blatcher, head of marketing, manufacturing, EMEA, Autodesk, looks at how manufacturers across the supply chain can overcome obstacles in the automotive sector.

Tradition maintained by full PLM

Tom Shelley reports on how every CAD and robotic aid is employed to maintain competitiveness and quality at Bentley Motors.