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Autodesk goes upmarket

Tom Shelley reports on how Autodesk's latest offerings make its products comparable with top-end CAD software.

Bridging the dimension gap

Paul Fanning takes a look at a software package designed to help companies make the leap to 3D design.

The human face of design

Integrating human factors into any design may sound an obvious consideration, but it has hitherto proved expensive and complicated.

Seeing is believing

Tom Shelley reports on latest advances in interacting with virtual worlds to design better products.

3d Design data efficiency

According to K2, an estimated 90% of all U.K. hospitals have at least one of its medical devices. The company also counts success in countries such as Belgium, United Arab Emirates, China and ...

From Russia with CAD

Tom Shelley reports on a Russian authored 3D CAD package being aimed at European markets

Fast and Lucky

Tom Shelley reports on record-breaking motorcycle design and development

Actuator goes non linear

The actuator that was deliberately badly designed in order to find improvements. Tom Shelley makes sense of the project

Are we still talking about this?

The argument for going to 3D from 2D packages still seems to be out there but it is somewhat less forceful than it was. Justin Cunningham reports

CAD takes new strides

Tom Shelley finds out about some of the developments revealed at the SolidWorks World event in Orlando

Water wheels begin their come back

Tom Shelley reports on a vast amount of untapped energy that can be obtained by applying some new technology to a very old idea

Graphics on speed

A graphics chip, modified for non-graphics applications, could see the advent of cheaper computing power. Lou Reade reports

Free and easy

Dassault Systèmes is embarked on an all-out drive to widen and extend its presence in the design and development space. Tom Shelley reports