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The future of Ford

Ford recently opened its design facility in Cologne to showcase some of its latest projects and innovations that include inventive storage solutions, human-centric and virtual design and even knitted ...

Engineering the beautiful game

As Euro 2016 comes to a close, we look at the engineering behind the tournaments footballs, and why the beautiful game had to be changed for a fracas. Justin Cunningham reports.

Productionising 3D printing

Additive manufacturing is having a profound effect on the way some engineers produce plastic parts. Ben Hargreaves and Justin Cunningham look at some pioneering aerospace examples that could see ...

Resurrecting the plastic engine

We catch up with the inventor and instigator of the original Polimotor to see what has changed, and why the project is returning to frontline development. Justin Cunningham tells the story.

Time to ban biodegradable plastic?

Colin Williamson explains his plea to stop using biodegradable plastic: ‘Please don’t use them, don’t recycle them and don’t tell me how wonderful they are.’

Advantages of using bio-based plastics

Plastic materials have had quite a lot of bad press in recent years for negative environmental impact, particularly by the mainstream press that are quick to use the plastic bag and The Great Pacific ...

Plastics get greener

Tom Shelley reports on some of the plastic innovations that were revealed at this year's 'K' show.

Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.

Design in the spotlight at PDM10

Taking place from the 18th to the 20th of May, the Plastics Design & Moulding conference and exhibition promises a range of attractions for visitors.

Life-saving plastics

Tom Shelley reports on developments in plastics for the medical device market

DirectSkinning technology

DirectSkinning technology is a new production process designed to improve cost efficiency in the production of injection moulded parts. It has now been used for the first time with an aliphatic ...

Nanofibres spun out in bulk

Czech based manufacturer Elmarco is supplying machines that can mass produce nanoscale plastic fibres.

Nature shapes superior surfaces

Advanced engineering coatings that are harder, more non stick and work at higher temperatures are being developed as an alternative to PTFE. These low cost coatings are also unable to get wet, can ...

Nanoplastic goes commercial

A electrically conductive plastic, that incorporates nanotubes, is being used commercially for the first time by Bosch