Power Systems

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Innovation thrives in the face of cuts

The UK defence industry is one of the most successful in the world, but faces threats in the shape of government spending cuts. However, as Eureka discovers, there is no shortage of novel designs.

Oscillation saves lives

How pneumatic logic is being applied to helping wounded people breathe without electric power.

Turbine technology gears up

As the UK ramps up its wind energy resources, Paul Fanning looks at the technological challenges facing the sector and the innovations that are overcoming them.

Hybrids keep the pressure up

Tom Shelley reports on the latest approaches to applying hybrid technologies to construction equipment and refuse vehicles.

Valve designs lower air costs

Designing in lower compressed air use to pneumatics applications could mean considerable financial savings. Paul Fanning looks at some of the options.

Challenging conventional views

New methods of transmitting power and storing energy mean standard methods are sometimes no longer best. Eureka looks at some of the changes in various industries.

Four planets are better than three

By using four planet gears instead of the usual three, planetary gearboxes are able to deliver 35% greater torque and an 80% improvement in torsional rigidity, in the same sized gearbox

Hybrids go hydraulic

Justin Cunningham talks to a company that have developed a technology to make hybrids an economic and not lifestyle choice

Dual clutches take the lead

Tom Shelley reports on what seems to have become the dominant technology in high efficiency automatic transmissions

Controlling the burn

Tom Shelley reports on the feasibility of fuelling cars with powdered magnesium and magnesium hydride

Fuel cells take off

Tom Shelley reports on a fuel cell powered light aircraft plus some down to earth fuel cell products

Sea temperature to power underwater robots

Researchers working for NASA have come up with a way of exploiting the difference in temperature between surface sea water and ocean depths to power robotic submarines