Power Systems

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Formula for success

Remarkable developments are now hitting the road when it comes to regenerating energy to meet the demands of both new F1 regulations and future car technology. Tom Shelley reports

Essential differential

Some striking developments in one of the main types of differential used in motor sport have caught the eye of Tom Shelley

Armed to the teeth

There’s a simple way of achieving massive speed reductions in a single package, as Tom Shelley has been finding out

Waiving the rules on platform motion

A combination of control and hydraulics is removing a major problem for those who live and work in a marine environment. Tom Shelley reports

Dual-drive gears eliminate play

Tom Shelley reports on an ingenious arrangement for driving the linear motions of very large, high precision machine tools

Braking breakthrough

Advances in pneumatics are being applied to improve dramatically the efficiency of lorry braking. Tom Shelley reports

Speed control boosts energy output

A study of the underlying physics and implementation of simple control can greatly enhance machine efficiency, as Tom Shelley discovers

All torque AND action

A power transmission technology developed for performance cars is now being applied to military and civilian off-road vehicles. Tom Shelley steers his way through its intricacies

Steaming ahead

Could steam trains make a return to the tracks? Yes, if a chemical method of making steam takes off, writes Lou Reade

All at sea

FuturEnergy’s five-blade, glass-filled nylon rotor and permanent magnetic generator have been fitted to a prototype of the Evopod tidal energy device

Welcome diversion from pipe blockages

Tubular pipe inserts – attached to down drain pipes to divert water to water butts – tend to result in blockages, both in the pipe inserts and in the drain pipes

CVTs aid ‘green’ motorsport

Toroidal traction drive specialist Torotrak and vehicle transmission design and manufacturing company Xtrac have entered into a licence agreement to enable Xtrac to develop continuously variable ...

Sealing the challenge

With the hydraulics in the Thames Barrier now a quarter of a century old, there is some concern that the harder seals are now coming to the end of their lives