Power Systems

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Armed against damage

Innovative components are emerging that enable manipulator arms to be used in difficult environments. Tom Shelley reports

Torque of the town

From car ashtrays to toilet seats and substantial pieces of office furniture, viscous gels are key to a family of devices that control or modify the motion of products

Tidal generator goes online

Tom Shelley reports on a forward-looking area of heavy engineering where Britain still leads the world

Tidal generator’s low maintenance

Dean Palmer reports on a unique, compact design of motor, adapted to operate in a water-powered generator for river and tidal-powered turbines

Generators for green power

B&Q has sold more than 4,000 Windsave 1kW wind turbines since launching the product last October.

Right angle gearboxes save energy

New right angle helical gearboxes have efficiencies of up to 97%, far better than traditional worm and wheel gearboxes that can be as low as 65%.

Hydraulic pumps boost output

Enerpac’s ZA4-series of high-pressure hydraulic air-driven pumps is designed for in-plant, industrial applications and medium to large construction projects

Power chips "can kill all engines"

Tom Shelley reports on the imminent commercialisation of a solid-state technology set to revolutionise the direct conversion of heat to electricity

Like a hurricane

In Herefordshire and Hertfordshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen – but what about elsewhere in the world? Lou Reade reports on a novel valve design that could lead to stronger buildings

Pneumatics help to cut the cheese

A novel ultrasonic machine is using the latest pneumatics technology to ensure cheese is cut accurately at high speed. Dean Palmer reports

Air jet dries hands at 400mph

Dyson’s new product – a hand dryer that claims to be more hygienic and efficient than its rivals – could be the first in a series of technologies to use its digital motor. Lou Reade reports

Torque the right language

A patented conveying system prevents goods from being damaged, while specialised CAD software can design better systems. Dean Palmer reports

A lighter way to make a vacuum

Dean Palmer reports on a miniature vacuum generator that has a number of novel features, as well as lightweight design