Power Systems

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Making a connection

Tom Shelley reports on an easy to use device for connecting and disconnecting sensing loops to high pressure fluid lines

Diesel goes for record

Tom Shelley reports on a land speed record attempt with a direct payback for users of commercial diesel engines

Pneumatic valves are compact and flexible

A pneumatic valve has been launched that is compact, lightweight and cost effective, partly due to a novel single-piece pilot cartridge. Dean Palmer reports

Unique square core ups service life

A process valve has been developed which has a unique square core, resulting in much improved service life in fast, frequent operating environments. Dean Palmer reports

Novel u-turn actuator has a halfway option

Dean Palmer reports on a compact, robust pneumatic swivel unit that boasts a continuously adjustable angle of rotation and an option to stop the device at its mid position

Bearing cross bears the load

Tom Shelley reports on rugged speed reducers designed to deliver maximum torque in the space available with high stiffnesses and negligible backlash

Novel Support system reduces camera vibration

A novel three-axis control system that reduces vibration in camera lenses has been developed that enables the filming of tiny insects in the undergrowth. Dean Palmer reports

Gearboxes run cooler and quieter

A range of gearboxes has been launched that offer reduced noise, high reliability and improved cooling. Dean Palmer reports

Smoke signals are good for peristaltic technology

A manufacturer of non-toxic smoke generators has opted for peristaltic pumps as the driving technology for a range of its generators that often have to cope with smoke being pumped for up to two ...

A hole success for drain pipe repair

Tom Shelley reports on a novel pipe joining and replacement technology with lots of benefits, not least of which should be fewer holes in the road

Gear teeth profile ensures smooth flow

A new range of hydraulic pumps has been launched that benefits from a unique gear teeth profile that ensures smooth flow of viscous media. Dean Palmer reports

Generator solves mixing and dispensing problem

Dean Palmer reports on a unique design of disinfectant generator that not only solves a common dispensing problem for the medical industry but which could also be utilised by other industries