Power Systems

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Bushing offers 300% higher torque

A keyless taper bushing mechanism has been developed for shaft mounted gearboxes and pulleys that, in tests, transmits 300% more torque than traditional friction-based locking bush designs.

Gas dosing system sets new standards

Injecting gaseous ammonia into the exhaust, rather than an atomised liquid urea solution, looks set to transform the controllability of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems leading to more ...

Choosing the correct shaft coupling

Selecting and sizing the correct shaft coupling for an application can be a real headache for many design engineers. But choosing the optimum coupling can be achieved by following some basic ...

Champagne solution beats the fizz

Dean Palmer reports on a new chemical needle valve that eliminates the formation of bubbles in fluid circuits during the manufacturing process

Worm gearbox offers near-zero backlash

A range of right angle precision gearheads has been developed that offers less than 1 arcmin backlash during service through a unique design. Dean Palmer reports

Valves improve flow and positioning

One of the market leaders has increased both the flow and the positioning capabilities of its ranges of pneumatic valves. Tom Shelley reports

Plastic contains explosion hazards

Tom Shelley investigates a technology that allows polymer to safely replace stainless steel in hazardous environments, achieving the necessary ATEX flame and explosion ratings

Helical lobe rotors reduce leaks in pumps

Tom Shelley reports on a novel lobed rotor principle that reduces leaks while achieving hig levels of compression and expansion in seal-less pumps, expanders and engines

Unique hydraulic connectors are leak-free

Dean Palmer reports on a unique connection system for high pressure pipework, that is leak-free and offers designers metal-to-metal sealing backed up by PTFE seals

Pneumatics cut packaging time

Pneumatic components are helping Europe's largest tobacco distribution centre to accurately fulfil customer orders on an 80-metre long order preparation line, writes Dean Palmer

Laws map advanced control onto chips

Tom Shelley reports on a multivariable control strategy expected to bring dramatic improvements to a wide range of systems including car engines

rocking for more power

Tom Shelley reports on what looks to be a robust and relatively low cost means of extracting energy from wave power

Hydrogen is still a long way off

Hydrogen may one day be the mainstay of the world energy economy, but that day is still decades in the future. Tom Shelley reports