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Going the extra mile

Recovering energy from waste heat is nothing new, but being able to do it cost-effectively on a small scale is. Starting with trains and trucks, such technology could be coming down the line.

Fuel cells take off

Tom Shelley reports on a fuel cell powered light aircraft plus some down to earth fuel cell products

Water wheels begin their come back

Tom Shelley reports on a vast amount of untapped energy that can be obtained by applying some new technology to a very old idea

Fuelled up for a liberated future

Photocatalysis is an innovative means of producing hydrogen from water using sunlight – and possibly turning carbon dioxide into methanol, as Tom Shelley rep

Hot stuff

Lou Reade reports on a new type of heat exchanger that could make gas turbines a viable source of power for the home

Energy researchers look to a bright future

Whether it is paint that converts sunlight to energy, or new ways of printing circuits onto plastic film, new research promises to make solar energy cheaper. Lou Reade reports

Shaking up the status quo

A new medical product has been brought rapidly to market that should greatly benefit patients both in developing and developed countries. Tom Shelley reports

Socket set up for real wave power

A 20MW facility is being constructed off the Cornish coast to allow the full scale testing of up to four different wave power machines

Speed control boosts energy output

A study of the underlying physics and implementation of simple control can greatly enhance machine efficiency, as Tom Shelley discovers

All at sea

FuturEnergy’s five-blade, glass-filled nylon rotor and permanent magnetic generator have been fitted to a prototype of the Evopod tidal energy device

Tidal generator goes online

Tom Shelley reports on a forward-looking area of heavy engineering where Britain still leads the world

Tidal generator’s low maintenance

Dean Palmer reports on a unique, compact design of motor, adapted to operate in a water-powered generator for river and tidal-powered turbines

Generators for green power

B&Q has sold more than 4,000 Windsave 1kW wind turbines since launching the product last October.