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Built for battle - Robot Wars' revamped House Robots

The return of Robot Wars to our screens this summer had completely re-engineered house robots, which were needed to keep up with the competition. Justin Cunningham finds out how the technology has ...

Digging the new breed

When you already have your place in history for a particular design, is it easier to evolve what you have rather than diversify and innovate? Tim Fryer went to visit JCB to see how it is keeping it ...

Correct coupling for efficient hydraulics

A well designed plant is only as efficient as its weakest link, right down to the hose couplings. Here, Andrew Dawes explains how to avoid the common pitfalls of specification and why solid ...

On track for bumper harvest

A tractor’s life is not an easy one, but having tracks rather than wheels appears to be making life easier. However, designing these tracks is not a straightforward task as one manufacturer found out.

Buffer system design gets software boost

Big mobile machines often need more than just standard braking to stop them. Designing the appropriate buffer solution for such equipment is a skill set in its own right, as Tim Fryer reports.

Raising the BAR

If you have the best sailor in the Olympic history, sailing the best boat available, then the long wait for a British victory in the America's Cup will be over. Easier said than done of course

Riding the waves in the wild west

Not many companies admit that they are cowboys in a wild-west industry. But, as Dr Will Bateman admitted, that is where his company Ccell finds itself. It does not mean that the wave energy sector ...

Supercharger designed to avoid turbo lag

Adding forced induction to downsized engines is acknowledged to be one of the most effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions and as a result, the automotive industry is rushing to downsize.

Sponsored story: Building a winning strategy

Nick Wright, Vice President Business Development & Marketing Europe, Middle East and Africa, looks at how Parker's Winovation strategy underpins success and provides the foundation for long-term ...

Challenging conventional views

New methods of transmitting power and storing energy mean standard methods are sometimes no longer best. Eureka looks at some of the changes in various industries.

Hybrids go hydraulic

Justin Cunningham talks to a company that have developed a technology to make hybrids an economic and not lifestyle choice

Sea temperature to power underwater robots

Researchers working for NASA have come up with a way of exploiting the difference in temperature between surface sea water and ocean depths to power robotic submarines

Moving mirrors in solar power plant

Hydraulic actuators from Parker Hannifin are used to rotate and tilt the parabolic mirrored troughs in the 64MW Nevada Solar One plant