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Modern twist to ancient technology

In an industry as mature as freight delivery, disruptive innovation is a rare thing. Tom Austin-Morgan talked to the scientist looking to an ancient form of technology that could provide a greener ...

Built for battle - Robot Wars' revamped House Robots

The return of Robot Wars to our screens this summer had completely re-engineered house robots, which were needed to keep up with the competition. Justin Cunningham finds out how the technology has ...

Blade cuts compressor costs

The hiss of compressed air can be heard in almost every industrial environment, but is this resource so familiar that we have not challenged its efficiency? Tim Fryer looks at a solution that claims ...

Supercharger designed to avoid turbo lag

Adding forced induction to downsized engines is acknowledged to be one of the most effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions and as a result, the automotive industry is rushing to downsize.

Oscillation saves lives

How pneumatic logic is being applied to helping wounded people breathe without electric power.

Valve designs lower air costs

Designing in lower compressed air use to pneumatics applications could mean considerable financial savings. Paul Fanning looks at some of the options.

Gaining the edge

A high-speed compressor neatly combines the best features of rotary and reciprocating machines in a simple basic unit. Tom Shelley reports

Inflatable ring locks chair for disabled

A small, battery powered air pump and an inflatable ring are key to stopping wheeled desk chairs from moving, so that the wholly or partially disabled can get in and out of them more safely

Battle of the bulge

A hydraulic effect is being harnessed to build up massive amounts of energy – and may well be the key to producing cheap power from sea waves

Braking breakthrough

Advances in pneumatics are being applied to improve dramatically the efficiency of lorry braking. Tom Shelley reports