Power Transmission

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No shred of compromise

Designing a waste shredding machine is something of a black art. Tim Fryer found out from Untha how clever design can make dramatic improvements in performance.

Car batteries go the extra mile

One of the challenges of electric cars has always been to make the economics stack up. If worn out batteries still had a value that would help and reinforce environmental credentials.

Clean image for dirty diesel

Diesel engines have got a bad press in recent years, but there is a lot of work going on to make sure that strict environmental legislation is being met.

Digging the new breed

When you already have your place in history for a particular design, is it easier to evolve what you have rather than diversify and innovate? Tim Fryer went to visit JCB to see how it is keeping it ...

Braking on the double

In the world of haulage, as in other industries, there is a never ending quest for higher fuel efficiency, lower cost of ownership, greater uptime and reduced maintenance time. As a consequence, ...

The people’s car – not for sale!

Not only has Riversimple designed a striking new hydrogen-powered car, it is challenging the conventions of car ownership. Tim Fryer investigated the new project and found out that the business model ...

The balance of power

Torque vectoring certainly sounds cool, but is it something that is actually useful? Justin Cunningham investigates.

Rolls-Royce commits to geared turbofan

The gas turbine has been the staple combustion engine for large aircraft since the 1950s. That's unlikely to change any time soon, however, advances in materials have enabled step change improvements ...