Rapid Prototyping/RPD

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Lightning goes electric

When an established gas-guzzling sports car goes electric, it involves more than simply putting a new engine under the bonnet. Lou Reade reports

3D printer uses recycled paper

A 3D printer that uses plain or recycled A4 paper and water-based adhesive has been developed in Ireland and is to be launched at TCT 2008

Doing it faster

Tom Shelley looks at some of the innovations in rapid product development and manufacturing to be showcased this autumn

Lean goes with rapid

Tom Shelley reports on thinking that combines lean design, rapid prototyping and fast to market

Mixing tradition with the latest technology

Although Dyson believes in using a traditional, hands-on approach to design and development, 3D solid modelling and rapid prototyping also have a key role to play, writes Dean Palmer

Shopping trolleys get to the show in time

For a maker of supermarket trolleys, to be able to quickly check whether its new designs are 'stackable' is critical. Dean Palmer finds out how rapid prototyping helped on a recent project

Rapid investment in complex designs

A UK company is using its rapid prototyping expertise to design masking components for a highly complex coating system for aircraft turbine blades. Dean Palmer reports

Prototyping enables more complex designs

A British company has taken rapid prototyping to the next level by developing an advanced manufacturing technology that is already cutting costs and lead times for OEM customers. Dean Palmer reports

Rapid success and good bonding at TVR

UK-based sports car manufacturer TVR is using the latest rapid prototyping technology and adhesives to cut costs and improve the structural integrity of its cars, writes Dean Palmer

Prototyping in metal

Ogle Models and Prototypes is testing a new material, 'Alumide' which is a sintered aluminium filled nylon

Drain pipes ease out crinkled hose

Just as rapid prototyping can be used to manufacture things difficult or impossible to produce by conventional techniques, there are products, easy to make by established processes, which are hard to ...

Design's big freeze

A new rapid prototyping process which offers big benefits over existing methods in terms of cost, cleanliness and time.