Sensors, Test & Measurement

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A sense for greener burners

Low cost technology has the potential to make vast and painless savings in energy and carbon dioxide emissions

Light measures light with femto precision

Fibre optics show extraordinary advances in the precision measurement of strain, temperature and, under the same development umbrella, the wavelength of light

All torque and no contact

A non-contact torque sensor claims to offer significant price savings over proprietary designs

Gas flowmeter runs on gas

A new way of measuring gas flows is absolute and accurate under an unusually wide range of conditions

A disk for all occasions

An encoder system which contains technology that will have other encoder companies scampering for their research labs

Hot air goes with the flow

Airflow is a major factor to consider in many designs, whether for the aerodynamic effect around cars or the cooling effects within them.

Save with sensors

Sensors and machine intelligence add cost, but prices are dropping, capabilities improving and payback times becoming shorter

Cylinders go 'see through'

A full-pressure proximity sensor that reads piston position through a steel cylinder body will allow better control at higher pressures.

Charged film feels the pinch

An electromechanical film, which can measure the heartbeat of a person touching it, promises a wide application base.