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Capacitative scanning saves cost in 3D

Tom Shelley reports on how capacitative sensing can be used to produce volumetric scans in 3D, and detect and count humans behind a wall or 30m away

Control at the frontier

Tom Shelley reports on how software is assisting the solution of some particularly challenging aerospace control problems

A grand day out

Eureka's Design Days provided engineers with the lowdown on motion control and automation technologies. So what did you miss, Justin Cunningham reports

Magnetic fields generate volts

Tom Shelley reports on a new family of sensors and transducers coming to market that are based on advanced materials

Hand held x-rays find most metals

Tom Shelley reports on a Star Trek style tricorder capable of instantly analysing almost anything containing inorganic substances

Measuring the moisture

Tom Shelley reports on the latest technologies being employed to accurately measure moisture levels in manufactured products

Tilt and compass sensors for iceboards

A solid state compass and separate roll and pitch sensors are being used by the Latvian company, Hiberna Iceboards, to develop products for the latest extreme winter sport

Sense of purpose

An optical sensor chip is moving away from bio-terrorism and, quite literally, into the field. Lou Reade reports

Pulsating detection work

A very efficient way of measuring multiple positions in a major project has been unveiled. Tom Shelley reports

The five-minute body scan

Siemens has introduced an imaging device that combines the functions of computed tomography (CT) with a high-resolution PET (positron emission tomography) system