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Taking up the strain

A better knowledge of strain measurement techniques could help designers to improve their products. Lou Reade reports on Eureka’s round-table event

Toughing it out

Tom Shelley reports on linear and rotary position encoders that are immune to shock and magnetic interference

Sharp eye on the money

Tom Shelley heads for Lancashire to look at bank note and coin recognition techniques that might well add the golden touch to many automated tasks

Film feels the pressure to change colour

A colour-changing film offers a fast way of assessing pressure variation between surfaces, and could be cheaper than electronic sensors. Lou Reade reports

The magic touch

Tom Shelley reports on why ‘feeling’ robots could outperform those solely dependent on vision systems

Linear progression

Astronomy and electronics are two beneficiaries of cutting edge linear motion technology. Lou Reade reports from the Linear Motion Masterclass

Meter makes a big noise

Tom Shelley reports on a step forward in noise measurement that not only reduces work, but also means problems get pinpointed quickly

Displays on contact lenses

Electronic displays built into contact lenses could in a few years be providing head up capabilities to both soldiers and motorists

Help at hand

Accelerometers are at the heart of a medical implant that improves mobility for stroke sufferers. Lou Reade reports

Fusing data to manage traffic

Tom Shelley reports on one of the most challenging sensor fusion problems tackled to date – and the ongoing efforts to solve it

Going with the flow

A standard electric motor and a pair of pressure sensors form the basis of an improved flowmeter. Lou Reade reports

Data worth digesting

A new development could allow patients with ulcers and digestive troubles to avoid very unpleasant procedures. Tom Shelley reports

Chimney camera takes the heat

When extreme heat kicks in, how do you insulate electronics against the potential consequences? Tom Shelley reports

Easy pickings

A simple device for picking up and putting down microtubes – and an equally straightforward method of indicating which tube should be attended to next – enormously assists efficiency in biological ...

Silicon sensing

A technology used to produce smaller, more powerful microchips is helping to make a whole new generation of compact, robust sensors. Jonathan Ward reports

Screw-in device measures dew point inside

Brownell has a developed a device that can be screwed into the side of a container to measure the humidity inside, then show relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point.

Making sense of sensors

Effective use of modern sensor technology can be as much about integration approach as about the physics of measurement. Jonathan Ward reports

Fire for the future

Tom Shelley reports on how sensing and control is saving fuel and improving efficiency in boilers and combustion