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Detecting the start of roll damage

Marks or other defects on rolls processing steel or other products can now be detected long before they lead to product having to be scrapped

Power saving traffic light

Andy Stanford-Clark, ‘master inventor’ at IBM Hursley, has come up with the idea of a traffic light colour-changing orb as a means of encouraging people to save power.

Glow in the dark reveals hazards

Tom Shelley reports on a simple and potentially low cost method for detecting small amounts of unwanted chemical substances

Built-in detection system prevents injury

By detecting an electrical path to earth through the human body, a US invented and manufactured table saw is able to throw down its cutting blade to prevent the possibility of serious injury

Condition monitoring in a heartbeat

An imminent breakthrough could radically alter both low-cost condition monitoring of healthcare patients and the performance of engineering structures, as Tom Shelley discovers

Looking beneath the skin

Carbon nanotubes could provide a way of monitoring the health of composite components. Lou Reade reports

Ultrasonics make compact flow meter

A novel vortex shedding flowmeter, which is only slightly wider than pipes to which it is attached, offers more proof against vibration than conventional designs that detect vortices using ...

Sensing success

Tom Shelley looks at some of the highlights of this year’s Mtec and Machine Building shows

Hot steel yields its secrets

Tom Shelley reports on a new laser technique that identifies defects in manufactured materials under extreme conditions

Sensitive side of low cost sensors

A NOx sensor tolerates a wide range of temperature, pressure and humidity levels, as well as offering high sensitivity and selectivity, writes Dean Palmer

Fibre optic cables detect chemicals

Tom Shelley reports on a technology that allows optical fibre systems to be used for chemical as well as temperature, pressure and strain measurement