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Novel sensors show their diversity

A UK company has developed unique, non-contact sensor technology that is immune to dirt, dust and electrostatic contamination, and can operate at speeds and temperatures most sensors cannot reach, ...

Sensor makes life a tad easier

Dean Palmer reports on a new self-monitoring temperature sensor that means regular calibration is a thing of the past

Crickets inspire fine hair sensors

Study of how insects detect tiny air movements has led to the development of artificial analogues for aerospace and human prosthetics. Tom Shelley reports

Heat sensors move inside cabinets

Tom Shelley reports on a development that should much to improve condition monitoring of systems both electrical and mechanical

Multi-Coil gives inductive sensor the edge

An inductive proximity sensor has been developed that uses innovative electronics and a unique, patented multi-coil concept (rather than a conventional ferrite core and wound coil combination) ...

Looking to interact

Tom Shelley reports on an eyeball tracking device of low enough cost to be used in games which does not use lasers

Silicone solves sensor output drift problem

Surface mount components are providing pressure sensor manufacturers with the ability to pack greater processing power while achieving a reduction in sensor size, writes Dean Palmer