Test and Measurement Equipment

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Ship builders sight automated inspection

A non-contact laser profile displacement sensor is playing a pivotal role in the development of an automatic inspection system to assess the surface and weld quality of ships structures.

Handheld, affordable 3D scanners make the leap

As the 3D printing revolution has gathered pace, so too has the requirement for 3D scanners. The ability to scan an object quickly and easily and then reproduce it on a 3D printer is not merely the ...

Latest developments in flowmeters

Flowmeters measure the amount of liquid, gas or vapour that passes through them. However, there all attempts to generalise about this technology end. There are many types of flowmeter, each with its ...

Continuous measurement of UV light made possible

There are many industrial manufacturing processes that require the use of UV lamps to cure coatings or adhesives. Its use is particularly prominent in the UK's food industry where it is commonly used ...

Monitoring technology takes the strain

The monitoring of energy flow plays a critical part in stress analysis in a range of different markets and processes. By measuring often tiny temperature changes in a material under strain, it ...

Blue lasers like it hot

Paul Fanning reports on a new sensor that allows users to measure the displacement of glowing objects.

EPS shows potential

An electric potential sensor originally designed for the world of quantum physics is finding increasing use in industry. Justin Cunningham reports.

Grease monitoring lengthens bearing life

Bearing life is often dependent on the condition of its lubricating grease. Paul Fanning looks at a sensor that allows it to be monitored during operation.