Test and Measurement Equipment

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Bonds verified in moments

Tom Shelley reports on a new technology for confirming the quality of adhesive bonds, particularly appropriate for the medical sector.

Testing the testers

Tom Shelley reports on a system that validates testing systems for satellites

Safety first

Tom Shelley reports on some of the cutting edge developments in the oil and gas sector.

Capacitative scanning saves cost in 3D

Tom Shelley reports on how capacitative sensing can be used to produce volumetric scans in 3D, and detect and count humans behind a wall or 30m away

Control at the frontier

Tom Shelley reports on how software is assisting the solution of some particularly challenging aerospace control problems

Solution to last month’s coffee time challenge

Last month we set you the challenge to come up with a method of monitoring human assembling without being excessively intrusive or draconian. The system should advise workers if they have made a ...

Hand held x-rays find most metals

Tom Shelley reports on a Star Trek style tricorder capable of instantly analysing almost anything containing inorganic substances

Bubble tracking

Tom Shelley reports on a development in wind tunnel monitoring with significant results

Measuring the moisture

Tom Shelley reports on the latest technologies being employed to accurately measure moisture levels in manufactured products

Sense of purpose

An optical sensor chip is moving away from bio-terrorism and, quite literally, into the field. Lou Reade reports

Climbing on the right bus

There have been some intriguing developments in instrument buses for handling massive amounts of test data. Tom Shelley investigates

Shrinking thinking

Moves are afoot to make very small, complex products – many for medical markets – cheap enough to be disposable. Tom Shelley reports

Pulsating detection work

A very efficient way of measuring multiple positions in a major project has been unveiled. Tom Shelley reports

The five-minute body scan

Siemens has introduced an imaging device that combines the functions of computed tomography (CT) with a high-resolution PET (positron emission tomography) system

Taking up the strain

A better knowledge of strain measurement techniques could help designers to improve their products. Lou Reade reports on Eureka’s round-table event

Bearing fruit

A low-cost vibration analyser, and several other new tools , are proving particularly good at picking up bearing damage and helping identify other faults. Tom Shelley reports