Virtual Reality Design

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AR builds a better reality

Augmented reality is a relatively new technology, but the role it has played in meeting the UK’s Ventilator Challenge has proved its value.

The future of Ford

Ford recently opened its design facility in Cologne to showcase some of its latest projects and innovations that include inventive storage solutions, human-centric and virtual design and even knitted ...

Attainable virtual reality for all

Though it has been used for over 25 years, virtual reality still seems unattainable to many design engineers. Here, Mike Leach takes the guesswork and fear out of the emerging technology.

Manufacturing technological transformation in 2017

We are in the middle of a technological revolution that is transforming how goods are manufactured. And this transformation is not just felt on the factory floor. Customers are demanding an ...

Innovation in another dimension

The Engineering Design Show caters for all aspects of engineering design under one roof in an easy to navigate, dynamic environment. The workshops and conferences will feature inspirational speakers ...

Still king of the skies

It’s an icon of British engineering prowess and ingenuity, and still turns heads 80 years on. Justin Cunningham finds out why they really don’t make them like they used too.

Science behind the gold rush

Great Britain had a phenomenally successful Olympic Games in 2012, winning 65 medals (29 golds). It was our most successful Games since London first hosted the event in 1908. But although the home ...

Gaming drives automotive design

The automotive industry is turning to video game companies to try to develop ways to design and manufacture vehicles. Tom Austin-Morgan reports on the launch of the Digital Engineering and Test ...

Designed for a quiet life

Design engineers, quite rightly, care about the workstations that they work on. Apart from making sure that it is capable of running your software, there are other factors that can be looked at when ...

Heart of the matter

To develop medical devices for better cardiac care, the best platform to work on is a beating heart. A project to simulate the heart is allowing just that.

Embracing digital telepathy

The digital twin creates a fully symbiotic relationship between the virtual and the physical across the product’s whole life cycle to bring hidden benefits that engineers never thought existed.

Simulator interrogates car design

Cruden, the world-leading motion simulator company, has supplied Jaguar Land Rover with a 6-DOF (full-motion) simulator to be used as a virtual engineering tool by multiple design teams at the ...

Meeting the challenges of virtual design

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. This is certainly true of design and engineering. Despite trying to predict how products will be used and testing against those conditions, it is impossible ...

Robotics simulation made easy

While the use of industrial robots has increased exponentially in recent years, creating and implementing efficient manufacturing lines is an expensive and time consuming process. For this reason, ...